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Alan Frishman and Greg Jones invited all Group 22 RPCVs to a reunion in Austin. 15 volunteers and 5 spouses took up the invitation:

Chris Clarkson + wife Nancy Schell
Nat Ellis + wife Pat
Alan Frishman + wife Ronny
Dick Holmquist
Greg Jones + wife Barbara
Gail (Swantko) Lamont + husband Bob
Mike Levine
Stuart Lewin
Debby + John Losse
Tad McArdle
Ruby Stout
Joel & Lucinda Wingard

Here is a picture of the whole group taken on Wednesday evening: Image:Group_22_Group_Photo.JPG Left to right: Stuart Lewin, Alan Frishman, Debbie Losse, Gail Swantko Lamont, Ruby Stout (front row), John Losse, Mike Levine, Chris Clarkson, Dick Holmquist, Joel Wingard, Greg Jones, Cindy Wingard, Nat Ellis, Pat Ellis.

Frank Fox intended to attend, but his significant other Phebe fell and broke two bones in her left hip just before the meeting, so he had to stay home and tend to her.

Alan Frishman put out the call for photos and narratives of our time since Nigeria. He asked people to send them to the full list of Group 22. What follows are the ones I (Greg Jones) got.

Thanks to all who submitted materials. We also had a session on Wednesday evening, the night before the Friends of Nigeria meeting, where we shared photos and stories. If you have materials you presented then, either edit these documents directly or email them to me, and I will be glad to add them.

Nat Ellis challenged the rest of the group with a questionnaire covering many aspects of the Group 22 experience. Nat's Questionnaire

Here are Nat's answers to the questionnaire. Presumably the correct answers! Nat's Answers to his questionnaire

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